Linen cushion covers

Is there ever a time when you don’t want your home looking good? How your space looks is essentially a reflection of you and who you are. It’s your space, it’s your home. Creating a place that reflects your personal style and fits your lifestyle is what makes a house, a home. Cushions are an important part of the interior in every home, but this detail is often overlooked.

You would be surprised how just a subtle change in your cushion covers can help light up the space and give you the comfort that you deserve. And what’s better than wrapping up your cushions in linen covers? Linen is symbolic of slow, simple living. Not only it is soft but also gives your home a relaxing ambience. It offers a delicate mixture of comfort and sophisticated style. Linen fabric boasts a lot of benefits, and here are a few of them:

  • 1. Linen remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so you don’t have to switch your covers as the seasons change.
  • 2. Linen is a breathable fabric and its loosely woven fibres promote a relaxing light massaging effect. Breathe in, breathe out!
  • 3. Linen is stronger than other natural threads and thus is far more durable.
  • 4. Linen is hypoallergenic. Being made of natural flax it’s unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.
  • 5. Sustainability. The production process of linen has a much lower environmental impact than other natural threads. Flax plants itself is very resilient and can grow in any soil, requires little water and don’t require much if any fertilising. As such, its environmental footprint is relatively low. Being a natural fabric, it’s also biodegradable.
  • 6. Even though linen might be more expensive, it is one of the most luxurious natural materials. This is due to the lengthy process of carefully extracting and treating the flax fibres to achieve a soft, breathable yet highly durable fabric.
  • 7. Linen is highly absorbent. It can absorb up to 20% of its weight in water without feeling damp. It also doesn’t attract bacteria.

Well, these are the reasons why we love linen and why we think it’s worth investing in linen cushion covers.

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