Linen napkins

A good meal is one of those things that not only delight our sense of taste and smell but also our sight, touch and even the way food sounds! As they say, we eat with our eyes, especially when food is served on a perfectly set table, with the shiniest of cutlery and the softest of linen napkins.

Why choose linen napkins?

Be it a lunch with family, a special occasion or a dinner party, linen napkins are always an important addition to the dining table. Linen napkins do not just elevate the at-home dining experience, but they are also a necessity. When compared with paper napkins, they are more sustainable and, most definitely, more sophisticated. Nothing looks more elegant than beautiful linen napkins, especially when coupled with a matching linen tablecloth or a linen table runner.

Style your linen napkins with napkin rings, elegant dinner set, candles and floral displays for the perfect ‘wow factor’ to your dinner party.

Strong, durable and absorbent linen napkins are easy to maintain with just a bit of care involved while washing. In fact, linen softens with repeated washing, so the more you use your linen napkins the better! They are also eco-friendly; the must-haves in today’s ecological scenario.

The Linen Edit – offering comfort and elegance

Chic, elegant and soft to touch, The Linen Edit’s linen napkins are a class apart. Handmade and responsibly sourced, our linen napkins come in a variety of colours to suit your personal style as well as your home decor. Discover our gorgeous collections, and don’t forget that we can make bespoke sizes and designs!

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